Thursday, March 22, 2007

Internet Marketing

So I launched a free marketing campaign yesterday for I tested this tactic out last week and with in seven days I increased my visits by 18 with just one ad. I even got a sale (my second) and made $18.80. All very exciting. In fact this campaign is much better then the pay-per-click campaign that I ran a month ago. First of all it is very targeted, and it is free.

So what will be the impact? I launched 18 adds in about 45 minutes yesterday. So far today I have had 27 visits and 106 pageviews. My highest days are 32 visits and 158 page views. I think I'm on track to break that record today. I have set up a system/process to generate these ads very quickly and I plan on expanding the ads into other products. Hopefully, the net impact will be more sales.

In one week, with one ad, I generated 18 visits and made $18.80 (1 sale only). If I can maintain those same numbers for each ad I should be able to generate about 324 visits and $338.00 in net sales per week. All without spending a dime on advertising!

I am also rapidly adding new features and functionality to the site. All in hopes of increasing conversion, customer satisfaction, and search engine ranking. In the mean time though, this marketing campaign could become very successful.

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