Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Why Sports?

So I really enjoy watching, playing, and talking about sports. There is something about competition that motivates me. I love watching a good game of college football, professional football, baseball, basketball, and even golf. However, in a way it is kind of ridiculous how much money is spent on sporting events and how much time people devote to watching and playing sports. Aren't sports really kind of pointless? They all usually involve hitting or throwing some sort of ball. Sure there are different strategies for each sport but ultimately the point of most sports are to hit, throw, or kick a ball in order to get more points than your opponent. What is so fascinating about that? So the question is why? Why do we enjoy it so much? Why is so much money spent on sports? How can a person devote their whole career/life to playing, analyzing, coaching, or talking about sports? If you step back and think about it, it is kind of wierd that we are so involved with sports. A close friend of mine forwarded me this article and I know the author's family pretty well and it is very touching how she relates life to sports and why it is important that we have sports. I'm glad there are things to relieve the stresses/pressures of life, and I think sports are one of those things. Thanks Natalie for sharing!

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