Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Web Analytics Class Blog - 02/27/07

How did the Omniture Web Analytics Competition Go?
  • Great
  • Asked good questions
  • Not a lot of time to present (only 6 minutes)
  • Should a written deliverable be turned in along with your presentation?

  • We are not meeting for class on Thursday... go to the Web Analytics Competition on Friday.

    Any Recent Readings:

    Mod_Rewrite - Nate Skousen's Blog
    Page View Metrics - Ben Robinson

    Wrap up on WebLogs and AW Stats:

    - A job has to be setup to calculate all the stats based on the weblogs.
    - That means that AW Stats will only be updated when you tell it to using something like a CRON job.
    - Logs are temporary... so to get historical data, you need to capture AW Stats data periodically.
    - Why should you use AW Stats vs. Google Analytics? It might be good to have both. AW Stats uses Web Logs and JavaScript.
    - AW Stats has various plug-ins that you can use. For example GEO Locations.

    So to get AW Stats up and running you need:
  • A CRON job or equivalent
  • Code beacons in your pages
  • Configuration

  • - Some AW Stat benefits might include having data on files, and having data on your own server.
    Now on to Google Analytics:
    - You can export data to Excel!
    - You have to set up a web beacon in every page that you want tracked. Google Analytics will provide this code.
    - You need to have an account code... again Google will provide you this when you sign up a new site to Google Analytics. It is a tracking code for a specific site.
    - You can set up goals with Google Analytics - you need to know which variables to set in the beacon code or you can set them up in the Google Analytics interface.
    - You can also set up funnel reports and goals.
    - We then implemented Google Analytics on ebiz.byu.edu

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