Friday, February 9, 2007

Real-Life Web Analytics

I have officially made my first sale on Thank you for whoever purchased The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching. I made a huge $0.39 in referral fees. I am seriously grateful for your purchase. It has given me a sense of satisfaction, even though it is only $0.39. It is a small start that at least paid for that person's click.

As I have been battling SEO and my recent adWords campaign, I have been learning a lot about the vastness of the internet. Getting people to a website is a difficult thing that involves a lot of strategy, and in some cases money. It gets even more difficult after the person "lands" on your page and then converting that visit into a sale. I have had 39 unique visitors to so far this month. That means my current conversion rate is about 2.5%. If I can maintain that conversion rate and have about 120 unique visits per month (current trend), I could potentially have 3 sales per month. That is probably not enough to make this worth while. I have learned that this is a hard game to play.

However, this is where web analytics becomes extremely valuable. Not only does web analytics tell me how many visits I get per day, month, or year but it can help me increase conversion or increase visits. If I want to get more sales in a month I have to do one of those two things... or both! If I can increase visits and increase conversion then I will vastly increase my earnings. Web analytics can help me do just that. By knowing where my customers are coming from, what they are looking for, and how long they are staying, I can focus my marketing efforts to match those needs.

Web Analytics can evaluate the entire e-commerce process from driving traffic, driving sales, and driving customer satisfaction. The trick is having the time, the patience, and the experience. Here is to a long process!

Note: I actually made $3.33 not just $0.39. It turns out the same customer also ordered an handheld gps unit in addition to the book. I have temporarily paused my adwords campaign in order to improve the website.

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