Thursday, January 11, 2007

Web Analytics

So this semester (Winter 2007) I'm registered in a Web Analytics course. This is my most anticipated class this semester and I'm very excited about it. I think there may be a vast difference between what I expect from this class and what will actually be taught and covered. I don't think this is the professor's problem but my own. I have a weird desire to learn and become an expert in web design and performance. So the scope of my goals are far beyond this class. However, I hope to learn the following from this web analytics course:
  • How to increase conversion
  • How to analyze website performance
  • How to improve website design
  • How to do search engine optimization
  • Best practices in web marketing
I really want to apply what I learn to my online business, which is This is a new website where I'm trying to learn how to use's web services in order to create a store front for associate activities. I have not sold a thing yet, but that is fine. I'm using this as a learning vehicle. I also created a family website ( in php that I did mainly to learn.

My experience with web analytics is not very expansive. I do use GoogleAnalytics to analyze traffic to the above mentioned sites and that is about it. In addition, I work at, Inc. who owns the acclaimed & Because of this experience, I'm familiar with some KPI's and metrics.

Web Analytics, however, is becoming a hot topic and a topic that is increasingly important to the web economy and e-commerce. Many companies are looking for web analytics and many companies are providing web analytic solutions. For example, it is rumored that Microsoft is in alpha stages for introducing a web analytics product.

Here are some links that talk about web analytics:

Ultimately, I'm very excited about this class and I look forward to a great semester!

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