Friday, January 19, 2007

Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing

A year and half ago I took an e-Business lecture series course at BYU. We had several e-Business professionals come and speak to us. One particular lecture that I remember was given by Jeff Barr from He spoke about affiliate programs and highlighted's web services. He said that hundreds of thousands of people have websites that uses their affiliate programs, but that only a small margin actually make money doing so. The key, he said, is driving traffic to your site! That is the ultimate challenge. In an internet-world full of billions of websites, how do I get people to my site?

I have been thinking and reading a lot about this. I have been looking and reading online about how to do search engine optimization and how to do internet marketing. One great resource I found was Paul Allen's blog. He has started several successful online ventures and I have been anxiously reading his tips. He also spoke at one of these e-Business lectures. Suffice it say, I need some help getting people to my website.

Here are some of the questions I have:

- How do I do search engine optimization for a dynamic site such as a PHP site?
- What are the implications of changing content on my site? For example, does the optimization process start over and do I lose any ranking that I previously had?
- How do I know what keywords to use and do they really work?
- How do I create a site-map to submit to google if my site is dynamic?

I know that Search Engine Optimization is only one way to drive traffic to a site. There are many other ways to drive traffic but SEO is definitely a must. Any ideas?

I did find this that shows you what a spider sees when crawling a site... Give it a try!:

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Enter URL to Spider

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